Pirate’s Gold: Pre-Production

The style, themes, and projected vision of the project is decided during the pre-production stage. As discussed in the brief provided, the client is looking for a short advertisement to market their upcoming board game, “Pirate’s Gold.”

The storyboard, almost like a “blueprint” of the finished product, helps to set the basic parameters for the employees and others working on the project. In this case, the one provided is as follows.


Although the major details have been provided, aspects such as certain camera angles and timing can be tweaked.

For this advertisement I think it would be ideal to add some visual interest by having some sweeping camera angles, or perhaps a consecutive one that circles around the treasure chest, which is the focal point, as recommended by the brief. It is important to consider that, because of the short time frame, (ideally 15 – 30 seconds long), to not have the camera angles change too drastically, as it may disorientate viewers or simply distract from the advertisement itself. I additionally want to avoid sharp angle cuts and have the advertisement play out without needing one at all.

Whilst the majority of assets and textures have been provided, the focal piece, the treasure chest, is to be constructed as part of the assessment. Although there is always the option of combining the tutorial and some artistic license to create a unique piece, since I’m not well-versed in 3DS Max, or just generally with 3D modelling, I’ll be following the tutorial closely. With the texturing, I will have more free reign, due to being a bit more experienced with art programs. It is likely that I will preserve the original style but add a little twist if I decide to at that point. The style is as follows:


The main challenge will be adding enough detail so that it creates visual interest but avoiding too much realism – it’s a cartoon, after all.

In the end, the proposed client requires an mp4 file with H.262 compression (a video of the finished animation), but in this case, since it is still an assignment, we are required to submit the video alongside working files and documentation of progress (which is when these blog posts come in!).

Images retrieved from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LnIh4ZMjMIVsrryVO0yT3c0_mtXnwOgrzFu3i0emIPE

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