Pirate’s Gold: Lighting

In order to create some fill lighting for the scene I implemented an omni light, which created a smooth fallout in all directions. In the Advanced Effects tab, there is an option for “Ambient Only,” which, in essence, makes the light have no specific directionality. By default, this lighting applies to all models in the scene. If rendered using this setting only, the scene will have flat lighting such as the screenshot below (ignoring the highlights already implemented onto the texture).


The textures are presented flat and at face value. In order to have some soft, albeit defining shadows for this scene I added the mental ray ambient/reflective occlusion shader based on the recommendations of the video tutorial. The shader deposits small contact shadows in darker areas where light is blocked within the environment, or where models interact with the plane.

Although I need to maintain quality for this assignment, it will likely take longer since I’m rendering it on a laptop. Therefore, although the recommended sample size is 64, I went with a lower value at 50. In regards to the maximum distance for the ambient occlusion parameters, I went with a value of 20, also recommended by the video tutorial.


With the option to change the colour of the shadows, I went with a lowly saturated red colour, mainly to highlight the warmth of the scene. Even if the difference between the black and red shadows is minimal at this stage, I still think it’s an important aspect to have the lighting match the palette of the scene itself.


Rendered scene with black shadows versus that with a darkly saturate red.

To ensure the shadows were pointing outwards from the center, I adjusted the co-ordinates to start at 0X0Y0Z, after which I adjusted it to fit more towards the middle of the scene, as the board itself is slightly off-centre. And that’s the lighting finished!


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