Preparation for work in the Creative Media Industry

As an artist, having a portfolio is one of the key elements of approaching a job offer / potential interview, with most of your skills as an artist measured by its content. A strong portfolio should encompass the most refined of your completed work, representative of potential for growth, proved abilities and should cater to the area of creativity being applied for – it’s no use showing photography when someone specialises in abstract art (JMC Academy, 2017). Whilst it is tempting to show off, you should prioritise strategically appealing to the employer demographic over showing off all your range of skills as an artist. When exhibiting a creative folio, The Creative Group at HOW (2013) recommends the following key points:

  • How relevant is this piece to the prospective employer’s needs?
  • What was the business objective, and how did this piece solve it?
  • How were the results measured? Is there any quantifiable data I can share?
  • Are there any aspects of this project that make it especially memorable or interesting?

Strengthening your online presence as an artist is particularly useful for attracting attention to your content. Personalised projects, blogs, content all demonstrate passion for your career and discipline. Social media is a reservoir of potential conversations – an effective method of achieving and maintaining connections, a place to “find and be found,” (JMC Academy, 2017) and a prime way to establish and share current work. People are being hired entirely because of their online content.

Author Buchanan recommends a proactive networking approach when it comes to post-graduation career options. Getting in touch with old tutors, compiling a list of notable industry professionals and their contact details, attending industry events and contacting local career centres are “essential” for the likes of a post-graduate (2013). This approach is useful for researching people and companies before an interview, and can be used to demonstrate knowledge about the industry (JMC Academy, 2017).


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